12 Times Off-Duty Medical Staff Were Everyday Superheroes

'We all watched, in awe.'

A tweet describing a heroic act from an off-duty doctor in London has sparked a heartwarming conversation about the similar acts performed by off-shift medical staff across the world.

On 10 June, trainee lawyer Lottie Ritchie took to Twitter to explain that she was at London Bridge when there was a tannoy announcement for a doctor to assist. “A woman near me looked at the guy she was with and just handed him her coffee and then RAN like a superhero,” Ritchie recalled. “It was amazing.”

Her tweet really resonated with others, who were prompted to share stories of how off-duty medical staff had gone above and beyond to help them (or others).

The nurse who dived through a car window.

The tracheotomy with a bottle of whisky.

The resuscitation of a four-month-old.

The interrupted exercise class.

The camp site coffee break.

The caring passerby.

The theatre responder.

The helpful commuters.

The mile-high rescue.

The determined nurse.

The 1am callout.

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