People Are Just Realising The Simple Reason Why There’s Always Flapjack On Food Trolleys

Noticed that food carts on trains and planes always have flapjacks? This is why.

I love a good travel snack. Whether I’ve picked up a good haul in the airport or if I’ve left it too late and need to buy on the flight, nothing breaks up the long travel hours quite like tucking into some food.

Because I’m quite a foodie, I’m happy with all of the snacks presented on these trollies but I’ve noticed one thing... they always have flapjacks! I’m not complaining but at the same time, I actually don’t know many people that would consciously opt for a flapjack over, say, a chocolate bar or a nice pastry.

However, it turns out that there’s actually a very good reason behind this oaty inclusion.

Why are there always flapjacks on plane food trolleys?

There really is method behind the madness of always including flapjacks. Rob Taylor, food and beverage development lead at rail service Avanti West Coast, explained to City AM exactly why flapjacks are always included.

Taylor explained that flapjacks are a good “all-day” product, suitable for all meals of the day, and they “tick many boxes for dietary needs”, as they are often gluten-free and vegan.

It really is that simple!

There are also added health benefits to eating oats. According to The Conversation: “Oatmeal contains specific types of fibre called beta-glucans. These have been linked to lower risk of insulin resistance (associated with type 2 diabetes), weight gain, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Beta-glucans are also linked with a lower risk of heart disease.”

Why do we get complimentary snacks on flights?

Is there any better feeling during a long, dull flight than being handed a complimentary ice cream? I think not.

There is actually a clever reason behind this, too, according to Kelly O’Reilly who is responsible for supplying complimentary catering options on planes.

Speaking to City AM, O’Reilly explained: “Snacking in a complimentary environment also meets a need to give passengers something to do.”

That’s right, they’re giving you treats to keep you entertained just like adults did when you were a child.