People Are Sharing Cringe-Inducing Stories Of Being Caught Having Sex

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If you’re unlucky enough to be caught having sex, you probably want to forget the awkward encounter ever happened.

But on Reddit, some generous men and women have been reliving their nightmares for your enjoyment.

From parents walking in at the worst possible moment to getting in trouble with the police, here are their stories.

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“Mum walked in, screamed and closed the door, running away while yelling ‘I thought she left!’ My father could be heard laughing downstairs.”

“I was having morning sex with my girlfriend when repairmen arrived to install new windows. We had forgotten it was that morning. She was on top looking down at me. She looks up gasped and covered herself with a sheet. I leaned my head back to see three work men smiling and sheepishly waving less than three feet away. We closed the blinds finished and went out to make breakfast. They installed the windows and gave me covert thumbs up throughout the day.”

“Brought a girl back to my college dorm room one night, thinking I could be quiet enough that my roommate wouldn’t notice. My roommate noticed and gave me a full play-by-play of what happened the next morning.”

“One night, my ex’s dad and ex took me home. She came into the house with me for a minute ‘to grab some CDs’ and we decided to have a quickie. My grandfather walked out to the kitchen while we were going at it in the living room. He stopped, looked in at us, walked over to the counter, got some coffee, and then walked back to his bedroom. Didn’t finish due to the awkwardness.”

“My boyfriend and I in high school would usually [have sex] on Sundays because the parents had a pretty consistent schedule at that time. We were in the middle when we heard the door slam. I kid you not, we hear my mother sprinting down the hallway towards my room. My boyfriend is butt naked and runs into my closet , which maybe has a foot of room. I luckily had my top on and my mother screams ‘where is he?’ In shock all I can do is point towards my closet. She opens it to see him standing there just covering his junk, and proceeding to awkward shuffle to the bathroom. Mortifying.”

“One time the wife and I are getting it on first thing in the morning. We are under the covers, and it’s a good thing, because my three-year-old son snuck into the room. We didn’t even notice until he quickly jumped onto the bed and jumps on my back. He looked over my shoulder at my wife and says ‘What are ya’ll doing?’ Well that killed the mood real quick.”

“I was 16 and she was my first girlfriend. I wasn’t really out to my mum (though apparently she’d figured it out) so we were ‘friends’.

“Mum goes away for the weekend, and has been gone for two hours. I’ve cooked a nice meal, we’ve eaten, and we’re getting hot and heavy on the couch.

“Things are going great and then comes the dreaded creaking of the living room door. My mum had come home to pick up something very important she needed. There was screaming (from my girlfriend), scrambling for clothes (from me) and slack-jawed silence (from my mother).

“Anyway, that’s how I came out to my mother as a lesbian and ensured that me and said girlfriend never got freaky anywhere but my bedroom, after barricading the door shut.”

“My wife and I had sex in the downstairs bathroom at a costume party in a swanky house. We were drunk and didn’t pay mind to the fact that the door into said bathroom had a fogged glass window. When we went back upstairs everyone clapped.”

“First times are always awkward - mine was no exception.

“It’s the middle of winter many years ago and me and my then boyfriend had decided it was time.

“To start off with he didn’t know where to put it in - that’s ok I’m the youngest of five children so I had a fair idea of what to do. After some absolutely devastating embarrassment on both sides, the ball was rolling and it was happening.

“About half way through his mother walks in with a tray of hot chocolate and biscuits. She stands in the doorway dumbfounded and demands an explanation of what her son was doing to me.

“Then my boyfriend pretends to be asleep. On top of me. While my vag was in a considerable amount of pain. She then just put the tray down and left.”

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