26/06/2017 16:03 BST

We've Hit Peak Beauty Hack With People Using Toilet Seat Covers To Blot Oily Skin

Oh come on now.

We’re all about a DIY beauty hack; anything that can save us a little bit of money and keep us feeling like our best selves 24/7 is usually a guaranteed winner.

But we are having a little trouble getting our head around the latest makeup maintenance idea, which is seeing women using paper toilet seat covers as a way to blot their faces.


Disposable toilet seat covers (as seen above), which aren’t as widespread in the UK as in other parts of the world, are conventionally used to put on the toilet seat in public bathrooms as a hygiene measure. 

And are often provided free in cubicles.

But according to the internet, the paper (which has a slightly waxed texture) makes for the perfect emergency blotting paper, for when you’ve forgotten your makeup bag or you don’t want to spend more money.

While it seems lots of women have had this trick up their sleeve for a while, the idea seems to have resurfaced on a New York radio recently, when Bethany Watson, co-host of the Elvis Duran show, said that she had done it. 

Regardless of the many endorsements, the internet still isn’t quite convinced they’re ready to pat their skin with toilet products.

And we’re pretty inclined to agree.

Enough with the sweaty weather already.