People Dating An Identical Twin Answer The Question On Everybody's Mind


Seeing as most of us struggle to tell the difference between identical twins, it stands to reason that if you fancy one twin you probably fancy both, right? Well no, not really.

People dating an identical twin have taken to Reddit to answer the age-old question (that they’re probably tired of hearing) and dispel the myth that all twins are created equal.

Not only are there often subtle physical differences that make even identical twins quite distinctive from one another, but NEWSFLASH: attraction is about more than physical appearance. So stop being so shallow, people.

Here Redditors share thoughts and embarrassing stories about their partner’s twin sibling. Warning: just because they’re isn’t an attraction doesn’t mean there haven’t been mix-ups, such as the odd misplaced bum slap - awkward.

Robert Recker via Getty Images

“I found her attractive but she was a different person, so half of what I was attracted to changed.”


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