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‘People Just Do Nothing’: 11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kurupt FM

Throw yours Ks up - they're finally back.

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Throw your Ks up, people - ‘People Just Do Nothing’ is finally back. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since we last saw the Kurupt FM crew but at long last, they’re back on our screens with some much-needed updates from everyone’s favourite corner of Outer West London.

The new series, which is now streaming on BBC Three, sees the gang face new challenges, with Beats getting used to fatherhood, while Grindah gets over his break-up by... errm... turning to copious amounts of cocaine. 

And while we can’t tell you how well those endeavors will go, we can enlighten you with these facts about the show:

The drug references have never got the cast in trouble (but one swear word has)

Steve Stamp recently revealed that while the number of drugs they are allowed to feature has been surprisingly “amazing”, there’s one thing they do have to be careful about.

“If you say the word c*** they have to get sign off from someone really high up at the BBC,” he admitted. “So we crossed the word out a few times.”

Oh, but they did get Clara Amfo in a spot of trouble

This isn’t exactly surprising, but it turns out shouting “I’ll leave your gyal dem moist and soggy!” at lunchtime on Radio 1 is not in line with BBC policy.

Who’d have thought it, eh?

Beats is actually an Ivor Novello Award winner

Hugo Chegwin is a composer, who has worked with stars including Sam Smith, Pixie Lott, Tinie Tempah and Leona Lewis. He’s credited as a songwriter on Emeli Sande’s hit ‘Next To Me’ which won two accolades at the 2013 ceremony.

Hugo’s uncle, Keith Chegwin (!), shared a snap of him after the win on Twitter

Steves actually writes the show...

He may be the least together and quietest of the crew, but it’s a different story behind-the-scenes.

Steven Stamp, who plays the lovable drug fiend, is credited as the show’s writer, alongside Allan Mustafa.

...And studied English Literature at uni

While the show is an homage to their Outer West London upbringings, Stamp briefly swapped the city for Sussex to study.

They were all MCs and DJs at one point

While the gag is that Kurupt FM isn’t exactly the hottest station in West London - and they even face competition in series four - the cast has always been keen to emphasise that they have always been part of the scene. Or as Allan once put it: “It’s not some twat in a suit who’s made this show and dressed them all like fucking breakdancers.”

Kurupt FM’s shoutouts are to real people

Allan told The Independent: “A lot the people we give shout-outs to on the microphone – like Alfie Danger, Nathan B and Johnny the Little Mincer – are people we grew up with.”

They have actually gone international

Allan was interviewed by the LA Times (!!!) to promote ‘People Just Do Nothing’ being on available on Netflix in the States and it’s also been aired in Australia. 

Y’know Miche’s boss Tanya? She’s been on TV a LOT 

Tanya may feature fleeting but there’s every chance you’ll know actress and comedian Tiff Stevenson from elsewhere. She’s spending August 2017 on stage at the Edinburgh Festival and is frequently named as “one to watch” by various publications.

Her TV work includes appearances in ‘The Office’, ’Never Mind the Buzzcocks’, ‘Drunk History’ and ‘Mock the Week’.

Chabuddy G has been in ‘Sherlock’ 

He appeared in the episode ‘Many Happy Returns’. Fingers crossed, Benedict repays the favour.

They were basically single-handedly responsible for Craig David’s renaissance

Remember that video of him singing ‘Fill Me In’ over Jack Ü and Justin Bieber’s ‘Where Are You Now’? It was all part of Kurupt FM’s #SixtyMinutesLive 1Xtra takeover, which saw the crew very kindly share their time in the studio with the likes of Shola Ama, Big Narstie and - of course - Craig.

Cut to the 45 minute point below if you don’t believe us:

See the latest episodes of ‘People Just Do Nothing’ on BBC iPlayer

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