27/02/2017 16:29 GMT

13 People Reveal Their Greatest Fears When It Comes To Sleeping With Someone New

'That I’ll end up really liking them, and then they never call me again.'

For many of us, the prospect of getting naked and bumping uglies with someone new is a daunting prospect.

That’s why Redditors have opened up about their biggest worries when it comes to sex with a new partner. 

From concerns over using condoms to worries it’ll end in a flash, here’s what they had to say. 

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1. Body Worries

“The fear that once I get naked there will be a noticeable look of disappointment in my partner.”


2. Bad Chemistry

“That the chemistry is off. Maybe you’re confident, but she’s too nervous to even move. Maybe you’re inexperienced but she’s experienced. Maybe you’re drunk but she’s not as drunk. When things start contrasting that’s when it doesn’t go smoothly and can feel awkward.”


3. Being Ghosted

“That I’ll end up really liking them, and then they never call me again. If they ghost me before sex I don’t care, but after sex it’s a huge blow to the ego.”


4. Not Being Good Enough

“Not satisfying her.”


5. Erection Worries

‘On two occasions I’ve had the normal build up to sleeping with a girl, both of us really hot for each and all that, and then couldn’t get hard. So I worry about that.’


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6. Unusual Noises

‘That I’ll queef. I realise this is somewhat common but it doesn’t mean I’m not incredibly embarrassed by it, or that it doesn’t completely kill my mood.’


7. Sexual Health 

‘Please be free of STDs.’


8. Premature Ejaculation

‘Well, the first few times with a new partner I tend to get really excited and cum in seconds, so that.’


9. Unpredictable Periods

‘If I randomly came on my period. My periods are fucked up and come whenever they want.’


10. Stretch Marks

‘My stretch marks. I was hefty as a kid, and even though I’m pretty athletic now (though still losing), I’m riddled with them. Males worry about them too.’


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11. Protection

‘Whether they’ll keep the condom on. I had one guy who took off the condom mid-sex and I couldn’t push him off. Got tested for every fucking thing and was luckily clear. Got paranoid of that happening again since then. So relieved I’m married and don’t need to deal with dating anymore.’


12. Lack Of Experience

‘Considering that I am a virgin and my boyfriend is not... Definitely how inexperienced I am.’


13. Navigating Consent

“Handling consent, I want to make sure she is ok with everything but I don’t want to ruin the mood by stating ‘PLEASE INDICATE VERBALLY THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE INTERCOURSE’.”