People Share Stories About The Worst Wedding Guests They've Ever Encountered

One word: outrageous.
mofles via Getty Images

Redditors have revealed the most badly behaved guests they’ve ever encountered either at their own, or a friend or family member’s, wedding.

From the married aunt who ran off with the DJ to the drunken ex-husband who turned up uninvited - if this doesn’t make you want to elope, we don’t know what will.

1. “My uncle waved a knife around drunkenly ranting in Chinese [and] then threw a microphone at the wedding cake.”

2. “My step grandmother wore her wedding dress to my mom’s wedding.”

3. “Drunk fucker of a coworker swiped his finger through our wedding cake for a taste before we even cut it.”

4. “At my brother’s wedding his bride’s ex-husband showed up uninvited, drunk, and several of us had to escort him quickly out of the church.”

5. “I work security for a popular hotel chain. A week ago we had a wedding. The hotel I work at has a glass elevator and one of the guests decided it was a good idea to pull his penis out (riding the elevator) and point his junk at a family walking by.”

6. “I photographed a wedding back in 2015, where during his speech at the reception, the best man inadvertently revealed to the 200+ guests that the bride was pregnant. Up until that point, only a very select few people knew. The look of pure rage/shock/embarrassment she gave him was staggering.”

7. At my friend’s wedding, one of her friends ended up proposing to his girlfriend.”

8. “My drunken 19 year old cousin stole the camcorder being used to make the wedding video, took it into the bathroom and proceeded to pleasure himself on one knew until we all (the WHOLE family) sat down to watch it a few weeks later.”

9. “At my best friend’s wedding, a mutual friend of ours brought her obnoxious boyfriend as her date. He’s an attention whore who dances wildly thinking it’s funny, [he] tried to repeatedly start a slow clap, he had to be told not to stand on chairs three times. He tried to break dance and knocked over the bride’s mother.”

10. “My husband’s crazy aunt (who was married at the time) took off with our DJ at the end of the night. We had to field a bunch of calls from her husband asking where she was and when she was coming home. Essentially, she went missing for a week after our wedding while she was with our DJ. So awkward...”

11. “Beautiful day, blue sky etc. Waterfront estate, large gardens and flowers. Ceremony under rose pergola, real organ plays wedding march. Bride and groom fully decked out, saying their vows. Out of nowhere, the family bulldog wanders over, sits down beside them (vows still in progress, probably 300 people watching) and proceeds to noisily lick his balls.”