22/02/2017 12:42 GMT | Updated 22/02/2017 13:28 GMT

People Share The Times They Tried Something New During Sex And Instantly Failed

So awkward.

It is no secret that after a while, things can get stale in the bedroom, and it is good for your sex life to try and spice things up a little.

But there is no quicker way to make something toe-curlingly awkward than putting an unwanted digit in the wrong place.

Now the good people of Reddit have shared their hideously awkward experiences between the sheets, so we can all pretend we haven’t done things that are just as bad.


“I tried to get my now ex to spank me. He stopped what he was doing and asked - why? Mood killer extraordinaire.”



“We started getting frisky, during half-time of Monday night football, and once the game came back on, I strategically positioned myself behind her, so we could both watch the game. I discovered she’s not a fan of me watching the game while banging.”


“Had a girl bite my balls cause she read it was hot. Fuck Cosmo.”



“Ex wanted me to choke her... I’ve never choked anyone in a pleasurable manner before. Some moaning and boning later, I went limp as she cried relentlessly. Probably the last time either of us tried that.”



“One of the first times we were having sex he spit in my mouth. Didn’t really know what to think and didn’t really say anything about it... apparently he genuinely thought that all girls were into that.”



“Was doing it doggy for a while. Had the idea to slide my thumb up her bum. Something I saw in porn and wanted to try. She turned her head and looked and me with a shocked look on her face and asked me what I was doing. I felt embarrassed and said: “Oh, nothing”. Then we continued having sex like nothing even happened.”