People Who've Deleted Facebook Reveal What Finally Made Them Do It

'No amount of shit memes is worth that.'

Christmas is usually the time that tips most Facebook users over the edge, whether it’s pictures of your mates’ babies dressed as puddings, Christmas tree one-upmanship or the smug bastard that went to Barbados for the holidays.

Either way, if you’re contemplating deleting the social media platform (for the umpteenth time), you’re certainly not alone.

People took to Reddit to explain what finally made them do it...

1. Family drama.

“Realising that my family would object if I didn’t add them. No amount of shit memes and pretending to care about the lives of others was worth that.”

2. Other people’s drama.

“An old school ‘friend’ kept moaning on Facebook about how her kids were a pain, which was no surprise seeing as she seemed to spend more time on Facebook than with her kids. Decided that the people that liked me would find a way to speak to me. Funnily enough they did, and I didn’t need Facebook.”

“Getting offended by something someone I hadn’t seen or talked to in over ten years posted. I thought to myself, “What the heck am I doing?” That coupled with getting tired of having to take the perfect picture when out with friends.”

3. Your drama

“Went through a horrible break up when I discovered my (ex) boyfriend had been cheating on me with multiple women. I tortured myself for a few months, basically internet stalking these girls and making myself feel even more inadequate. I realised if I was ever going to move on I needed to stop comparing myself to them and decided to go cold turkey.”

4. Mindless scrolling

5. Religion.

6. The inevitable comparisons.

“It made me compare my life to everyone else’s, and that can only lead to sadness.”

7. Trying to be mentally healthier.

“I deleted it as one of many steps to cure my depression. It wasn’t helping me to see old exes and people I used to be close to who have moved on, so I got rid of it and have been much happier since.”

8. It got too thirsty.