16/03/2016 15:44 GMT

Phillip Schofield Shocks Holly Willoughby With Naked Proposal Revelation (VIDEO)

This tale will have you choking on your cuppa.

Phillip Schofield managed to shock everyone - including his co-presenter Holly Willoughby - during Wednesday’s (16 March) episode of ‘This Morning’, by revealing details of how he proposed to his wife of 23 years.

More specifically, the fact that he was naked at the time.

He spilled the beans in Wednesday’s live show, during a segment entitled ‘Is Romance Dead?’.

'Who Says Romance Is Dead?' indeed

Phil told Holly, who admitted she was surprised to have never heard the story before: “I proposed to Steph in an advent calendar, and you could put your own thing into each of the individual little boxes.

“So every night, I’d put in bath salts and smellies… and then on the given day, that I’d chosen, I put the engagement ring in.”

So far so romantic, right? Well, just wait.

He then told a stunned Holly: “She opened it up and I hopped out of bed starkers, and went down on one knee.”

A priceless reaction from Holly Willoughby

To laughs from his co-host, he joked: “She said, ‘I preferred the bath salts’.”

It’s been a hilarious couple of days for Holly, who was unable to control her laughing fit during yesterday’s show, after Gino D’Acampo dropped a rather unfortunate sexual innuendo during a cooking segment on ‘This Morning’.

Last week, she got the giggles once again, when Rylan Clark had a hilarious reaction to finding a moth on his jumper live on air, having nearly been pulled to the ground by the show’s resident guide dog a week earlier, thanks to a prank from Schofe.

'This Morning' airs weekdays on ITV.

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