23 Mind-Blowing Photos That Prove Olympic Athletes Are Superhuman

Just wow.

This year’s Olympic games have had us glued to our TV screens - and it’s not just because team GB is swimming in medals.

Oh no, we’ve been marvelling at some of the jaw-dropping feats of athleticism performed by this year’s Olympians - from Simone Biles’ powerful gymnastics routine to Aisen Chen and Yue Lin’s unfaltering synchronised dive.

It doesn’t matter where they’re from, how old they are or even whether they’re male or female, these people are proving that with the right training and dedication, anyone can be a superhuman.

Simone Biles 19 (USA), Women's Gymnastics Beam
Michael Phelps 31 (USA), Men's 200m Butterfly Final
Yang Wang 16 (CHN), Women's Gymnastics Beam
DDP USA/REX/Shutterstock
Xiang Yanmei 24 (CHN), Women's Weightlifting
DDP USA/REX/Shutterstock
Anqi Xu 24 (CHN) And Simona Pop 27 (ROU), Fencing
DDP USA/REX/Shutterstock
Manrique Larduet 20 (CUB), Men's Gymnastics Rings
Fabio Basile 21 (ITA), Men's 66kg Judo Final
Getty Images
Aisen Chen 20 and Yue Lin 25 (CHN), Men's Synchronized 10m Platform
de Paula/AGIF/REX/Shutterstock
Nicolas Laprovittola 26 (ARG), Men's Basketball
Hannah Mills 28 (GBR), Women's Sailing 470 Class
DDP USA/REX/Shutterstock
Basketball presentation during interval between Spain and the United States
Roman Vlasov 25 (RUS) And Kim Hyeon-Woo 27 (KOR), Men's Greco-Roman 75kg Wrestling
Laura Trott 24, Joanna Rowsell-Shand 27, Elinor Barker 21 and Katie Archibald 22 (GB) Women's Cycling Team Pursuit
Luis Joel Castro 25 (PUR), Men's High Jump
Getty Images
David Andersen 36 (AUS), Men's Basketball
Ma Long 27 (CHN), Men's Table Tennis
Mikhail Kuznetsov 28 (RUS) and Dmitry Larionov 30 (RUS), Men's Canoe Double (C2)
Getty Images
Heidi Loke 33 (NOR), Women's Handball
Usain Bolt 29 (JAM), Men's 100m
Getty Images
Merrill Moses 39 (USA), Men's Water Polo
AFP/Getty Images
Francielle Rocha 24 (BRA), Women's Handball
Getty Images
Pedro Pascual 19 (USA), Men's Sailing RS:X Class
Getty Images
Fan Wang 22 (CHN), Women's Volleyball
Getty Images

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