26/05/2017 12:23 BST

Pigeon Carrying Backpack Full Of Drugs Apprehended By Kuwaiti Customs Officials

He was flying high.

A pigeon with a tiny backpack full of pills has been apprehended on a drug smuggling mission.

The unlucky bird was captured by Kuwaiti customs while was flying near Iraq’s border, Al Arabiya English reported.

The creature was wearing a mini custom-made backpack and once cut open by customs officials, was found to be carrying a quantity of ketamine. 

Abdullah Fahmi, with the Kuwaiti paper al-Rai, told the BBC, this was the first time law enforcement officials there had caught a bird carrying such contraband.

They did say they had been aware that drug smugglers were using the tactic

This isn’t the first time criminals have used avian smugglers.

In 2015, authorities in Costa Rica captured a similar drug-run by a pigeon.

Handout . / Reuters
A pigeon in Costa Rica carrying drugs

Prison guards at the La Reforma Penitentiary reportedly found that bird carrying cocaine and cannabis.