20/11/2017 13:07 GMT | Updated 20/11/2017 14:47 GMT

Pink Blasts ‘Negative Nancys’ Over Her Reaction To Christina Aguilera’s AMAs Whitney Houston Tribute

The singer might want to work on her facial expressions.

Pink has defended her reaction to Christina Aguilera’s American Music Awards performance, after she was caught on camera appearing to look less than impressed.

Fans were quick to point out - and share many memes - of the moment Pink was spotted with a furrowed brow and what looked like a perplexed look on her face, as Christina paid a musical tribute to the late Whitney Houston.

But despite her pained look, Pink has insisted she was actually “in awe” of Christina’s talent.

She tweeted: “Christina fucking killed it tonight for one of our favorite singers ever. This about Whitney, and I am in awe of Christina’s talent. Show the clip were I’m in tears, you negative Nancy’s [sic].”

But those “negative Nancys” weren’t buying it on Twitter...

Earlier Pink kicked off Sunday night’s star studded ceremony, duetting with with Kelly Clarkson on R.E.M’s 1992 classic, ‘Everybody Hurts’.

She followed it up with a gravity-defying performance of her new single ‘Beautiful Trauma’, which saw her spinning around in mid-air on the side of a building.

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