This Potato Porn Is The Only Thing Getting Us Through The Rest Of Winter

Don't read if hungry.

The clocks have gone back, we’re in single digits temperature-wise and so begins hibernation from now until April, sustained by box sets and our favourite winter vegetable that turns a shit day at work into a magnificent evening.

Bake it, fry it, cover it in cream and cheese, Potato, we love thee.

1. The ‘Shouldn’t Be Legal’ Potato

2. The ‘If They Are Mini Then Calories Don’t Count’ Potato

3. The ‘Let’s Have It For Breakfast’ Potato

4. The ‘This Is Basically A Proper Vegetable’ Potato

5. The ‘I Could Eat You Everyday’ Potato

6. The ‘Can I Put My Face In You’ Potato

7. The ‘Never Too Much Butter’ Potato

8. The ‘Feels Like Home’ Potato

9. The ‘Who Said Potatoes Were Boring’ Potato

10. The ‘Take A Picture And Frame Above The Mantlepiece’ Potato

11. The ‘Is There Anything Potatoes Can’t Do’ Potato

12. The ‘Why Didn’t We Think Of This Sooner’ Potato

13. The ‘Totally Perfect’ Potato

14. The ‘Drown You In Gravy’ Potato

15. The ‘What Is This Wizardry’ Potato

16. The ‘Humble Chip’ Potato

17. The ‘I Hope Winter Never Ends’ Potato

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