19/05/2018 12:38 BST | Updated 19/05/2018 12:58 BST

Pippa Middleton's Dress For The Royal Wedding Looks Like An Iced Tea Can

We still think she looks great though.

When looking for a gown for today’s royal wedding, Pippa Middleton probably thought the £495 silk dress she found was the perfect choice. 

And in many ways, it is - designed by the Fold, the light green dress is cut in a ‘Hepburn’ style and adorned with pale pink flowers. Ideal for a late spring wedding. 

But eagle-eyed royal watchers quickly noticed an unfortunate comparison that the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister probably didn’t spot... 

“Who wore it better?,” wrote one Twitter user. “Pippa Middleton or a can of Arizona Iced Tea?”

We still think she looks great though. 

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