PMQS: Watch Cameron's Denial Over Larry The Cat

PMQS: Watch Cameron's Denial Over Larry The Cat

Amid the speculation over who will be in Theresa May’s new cabinet, one confirmed position at no.10. Larry the cat, Cameron announced during his final PMQs, will stay. Larry’s official title, according to the government website, is “Chief Mouser”.

The cat - along with same sex marriage - now comprises probably the most solid bit of Cameron’s legacy, the rest of it (elsewhere in PMQs Cameron manfully talked up his economic record) being shortly due for demolition in post-Brexit Britain.

It was therefore important that Cameron prove how much he loves him, despite making him sleep downstairs in the office rather than the flat upstairs, and despite being quite prepared to leave no. 10 without him (at least it wasn’t a pub this time). “I love Larry, but I can’t take him with me”, he said, producing a photo of himself with the animal. Well I’m convinced.

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