03/01/2017 07:30 GMT | Updated 05/01/2017 14:35 GMT

‘Pointless’ Contestant’s Death Stare And Eye-Rolling Annoyance At Friend’s Answer Is TV Gold

If looks could kill.

There’s nothing like appearing on a primetime quiz show to test your friendship, as two ‘Pointless’ contestants proved during Monday’s episode.

Student Sarah, who was appearing on the BBC show with fellow student Mariam, was first up and tasked with naming of a country that ended in two consonants.

After revealing she had studied Geography A’ Level, this should have been a cinch, so what did she offer up after declaring her mind had gone blank?


‘Wrong for a number of reasons,” Richard Osman helpfully pointed out.

Needless to say Mariam was seriously unimpressed and responded with the rather glorious combination of a death stare, followed by an eye-roll, before finishing things off with a little huff.

It didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter…

Let’s hope Sarah and Mariam have moved on, it’s a new year after all.

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