12/01/2017 07:41 GMT | Updated 13/01/2017 09:13 GMT

‘Pointless’ Viewers Reckon These Finalists Won £2,500 Prize Money With The ‘Wrong Answer’ (They Didn't)

It's all legit.

UPDATE: This story has been updated since it was originally published to include a statement from the show’s production company EndemolShine, who have clarified that the answer given in the show was indeed correct. 

Pointless’ viewers saw housemates Mike and Dom walk away with a share of £2500 in prize money earlier this week, but some viewers reckon they should have gone home empty-handed.

Finalists Mike and Dom knew their rugby.

The pair were tasked with naming the most obscure England, Scotland or Wales players that took part in the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

After narrowly missing out on a zero score with their first two answers, they opted for Rhys Webb as their final shot at the prize fund, which was indeed a ‘pointless’ answer.

However, some Rugby-obsessed viewers cried foul, pointing out that the player was indeed in Wales’ World Cup squad, but was injured in a pre-World Cup clash against Italy.

The 28-year-old player never stepped foot on the pitch and ended up missing the entire tournament.


One tweeted: “Looks like BBC have given away £2500 in prize money erroneously.

Another added: “He didn’t go! They got it wrong!!!”

A third posted: “Shame on your researchers Rhys Webb got injured in a warm up match and missed out though was named in the squad”.

However, a spokesperson for Endemol, who produce ‘Pointless for the BBC, told HuffPost UK that the answer was acceptable.

They told us: “[Host] Richard clearly states ‘any player who was named in the World Cup squad...as of 27th August 2015, the day on which the squads were announced’.

“Rhys Webb was named in the Wales squad in August, but was subsequently injured on the 6th September in a warm-up match and therefore didn’t actually get to play in the World Cup, as the viewers correctly point out. So, given our criteria, he does still remain an acceptable and correct answer as he was named in the original squad.”

One answer we know was definitely wrong was that given by student Sarah on an episode of the show last week.

Sarah, who was appearing with fellow student Mariam, was tasked with naming of a country that ended in two consonants.

Needless to say Mariam was seriously unimpressed when Sarah offered up ‘Paris’ as her answer, and responded with the rather glorious combination of a death stare, followed by an eye-roll, before finishing things off with a little huff.

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