Pokémon Go Players Paying For Babysitters To Catch Pokémon Whilst They Work

Only $20 an hour.

We get it. People are obsessed with Pokémon Go.

But it seems we have reached peak Pokémon as people are now arranging daycare for their app.

That’s right, people are actually paying for a stranger to catch Pokémon on their behalf while they are at work (or doing something more worthwhile elsewhere).

Adverts in New York have starting appearing on Craigslist, offering babysitting services for Pokémon Go players for the bargain price of only $20 an hour.


One such advert, was posted by 26-year-old “lifelong Pokémon player” Arthur who offers his services under the promise: “Have phone, will travel.”

Arthur lays out his generous offer, saying: “I will log into your Pokémon Go account from my personal phone, and spend 1-3 hours walking around, catching Pokémon, getting items from Pokéstops, and hatching eggs.”

But if you want Arthur to work harder for his buck, he says that additional work is negotiable – including finding specific Pokémon and training up your Pokémon at the local gym.

If you are concerned about Arthur’s credentials, he testifies: “I am a high level player in that game and have spent countless hours walking round New York.”

He even has an external battery pack in case of emergencies.

Another anonymous ad on the site “guarantees great results” if you place your Pokémon Go account in their hands.

However if you fancy doing the hard work yourself, but don’t want to commit to the inevitable sore legs from all that walking, get yourself a Pokémon Go safari.

Strangers will drive you around Manhattan on a Pokémon safari for $30 an hour.

Where will it end?

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