Pokemon Go Tip: Complete Pokedex Silhouette Chart For All 151 Pokemon

Someone's wasted afternoon is your gain...

Pokemon Go is all about catching Pokemon, all 151 one of them.

While the rarer Pokemon are harder to catch, the game does give you a rough idea of the types that are likely to crop up around you.

These silhouettes can be make or break between catching an ultra-rare Vaporeon or a common-as-anything Pidgey.

Thankfully, one avid Pokemon Go fan has taken the time to match up every greyed up silhouette with every Pokemon that’s available to catch.

The images have been posted to Reddit by user jadael, and to that person we extend our gratitude.

One of the hardest things with Pokemon Go (especially for new players) is working out whether those little grey silhouettes are a rare Pokemon that needs chasing, or some common low-level Pokemon that should be avoided at all costs.

In case you’re looking for the really really rare ones though there’s another tool for that too.

Online ticketing site Attraction Tix took the time to research all the rare Pokemon that have been spotted at famous landmarks around the UK so you’ll know the best locations for finding them.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a mobile game which is compatible with smartphones running iOS or Android.

It can be downloaded via the iPhone app store or Google Play store.

The game uses a new technology called augmented reality, what this does is layer a game/virtual experience over the real-world.

Kin Cheung/AP

The aim of the game is to catch creatures called Pokemon, train them and then eventually compete in battles against other players.

Open up the app and you’ll be presented with your character standing over a map, this is where the real-world and the game world are combined, meaning that if you walk down the street in real-life you’ll walk down the same street in the game world.

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