02/11/2016 12:52 GMT

'Poldark' Series 2 Finale 2: When Is It On, And 5 Questions We Need Answered

Ross Poldark is currently very unpopular with his wife.

This series of ‘Poldark’ finally comes to an end on Sunday evening, after 10 weeks that have left viewers saddened, furious, frustrated and delighted by turn.

As the series draws to an end, Ross Poldark continues to struggle with his feelings for Elizabeth following their controversial encounter, set against his devotion to his blossoming wife Demelza.

Other things are a-foot, too, however. These are the five things we need to see cleared up by the time the credits finally run on Series 2…

Now Elizabeth is married to Ross’s Nemesis George Warleggan, will she join her husband in avenging Ross Poldark for being, basically, the better man? Or will she attempt to build a bridge between the two?

Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) must make some decisions regarding his home and his livelihood

Will the good doctor Dwight Enys and his lost love Caroline Penvenen be reunited in the final reel, despite her vow to depart from his life, and his musings about a future on the high seas?

We saw in a tantalizing clip that Elizabeth and Demelza are due an encounter, courtesy of a TV drama woodland walk that fortunately always leads ramblers into the path of their antagonist. What will they possibly say to each, and who will come off better? After that right hook that felled her errant husband, all bets are surely on the Titian-haired goddess.

Will Demelza find a way back to harmony in the home, so Prudie doesn't have to do the baking any more?

Elsewhere, the future’s looking bright for Ross, with Grace re-opened, but we’ve been here before. The question for this finale, and every other episode is surely, will Ross ever make any money?

Will Demelza find a way back to her husband, following his frank admission that he loves both her and Elizabeth? A far cry from the feral housemaid we first met, she has turned many an eye this series and can consider herself a lady with options, even if, sadly, following their futile flirtation last week, these no longer include a man with a moustache called Malcolm.

‘Poldark’ concludes on BBC One on Sunday at 9pm.