02/06/2017 12:08 BST

'Poldark' Series 3 Spoilers: 5 Storylines Kicking Off In Episode 1

Plenty of drama ahead.

‘Poldark’ will be upon us again in just over a week’s time and, judging by the first episode, there is plenty of drama to keep its many fans intrigued. 

The series 2 finale found Ross and Demelza in a state of awkward reunion following his liaison with former love Elizabeth, and this discomfort is set to continue into Series 3. What else is going on?

1. We meet Demelza’s brothers, Samuel and Drake. One of them believes his sister’s soul, and those around her, need saving. The other... well, big grin, big love for Demelza, big potential disruption. 

Eleanor Tomlinson has said her character Demelza will be causing controversy this series

2. Elizabeth’s baby, as we all know, may or may not be another little Poldark. She goes to some pretty extreme lengths to keep the mystery a private one - will anybody guess? 

3. Heiress Caroline finally makes up her mind - will she follow her uncle’s bidding and marry for money, or follow her heart all the way to Doctor Dwight Enys?

Demelza's brothers and Elizabeth's cousin have all arrived on the scene

4. Elizabeth’s cousin Morwenna also arrives, initially at George’s bidding, to become a governess for young Geoffrey Charles. But there’s a glint in her eye when it lands on another, deeply unsuitable, gentleman...

5. Talking of Geoffrey Charles, the elapsed time has turned him into a player in his own right - of an age to make up his own mind about whether he considers himself a Poldark like his father and uncle, or a Warleggan like his step-father and prospective benefactor. 

‘Poldark’ returns on Sunday 11 June at 9pm on BBC One. 


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