The 11 Most Popular Beards On Instagram

Never shave again.

So here we are, approaching the final quarter of 2016 and in facial hair world, the popularity of beards is not abating.

In celebration of World Beard Day (3 September) here is personal grooming inspiration from the most popular beards on Instagram.

1. Lasse Løkken Matberg

2. Brock O’Hurn

3. Timothy James

First light. Photo by @richardksawyer

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4. Franggy Yanez

Taking a nap in the sun... not always a great idea 😅

A photo posted by F R A N G G Y Y A N E Z (@fracrox) on

5. Billy Huxley

Why am I pointing up? Fuck knows. Some things just have no explanation... Like Bigfoot. Who's got a beer? X

A photo posted by Billy Huxley™ (@billyhuxley) on

6. Will It Beard

7. Alessandro Manfredini

8. The Gay Beards

Friendship is a beautiful thing. ❤️

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9. Ben Dahlhaus

I'm easy like Sunday morning ;)

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10. Luke Ditella

One I forgot about until @ryan_genessa just reposted it.

A photo posted by Luke Ditella (@lukeditella) on

11. Beard Brand