Gigi Wu: Popular Taiwanese 'Bikini' Hiker Dies After Falling 65ft During Trek

Gigi Wu fell as she was attempting to climb Taiwan's highest mountain.

A popular Taiwanese hiker known for climbing mountains in a bikini has died after falling 65ft while attempting to reach the country’s highest peak.

Gigi Wu, who was trekking on her own, was able to contact the emergency services but they could not reach her in time due to bad weather.

Wu, 36, is believed to have died of hypothermia after she fell into a ravine more than a week after she set off.

Her body was found on Monday, 28 hours after she made a distress call to a friend, and the day after temperatures had been at freezing point.

She had been on a multi-day tour of a mountain range in Taiwan’s Yushan National Park.

Tributes were paid on social media to the “inspirational” climber and experienced hiker who often posted pictures of herself at the summit, or shared images of her injuries to warn of the dangers of climbing in inappropriate gear.

Wu would use proper equipment during her hikes.


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