This Is The Perfect Response When Someone Says They Don't Use Condoms

No one loves Herpes. No one.

Look, we get it, no one likes using condoms.

They ruin the moment, they make your hands smell like latex and then they lie there in the bin reminding you of what you’ve done.

But having a policy of going without is only going to end in tears. Trust us.

Look, we’re not judging, we’ve all been there.

We all think we’re invincible and STIs are someone else’s problem.

Or we’re too drunk and just forget.

And we know you don’t like using them (BTW no one does).

They aren’t very sexy...

But then again, how sexy is Herpes?

And FYI there was a 20% increase in Syphillis in the UK in the last year...

And do you really have time to go to the GUM Clinic?

So trust us, wrap it up.

FYI your parents didn’t pay us to say this.