Pretty Little Thing Launches Entire Transparent Clothing Collection And We Don't Know Where To Look

"Imagine paying £25 to look like you’ve covered yourself in cling film."

We thought we’d (literally) seen it all with the Asos infamous see-through trousers, but it seems the transparent trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Now, Pretty Little Thing has decided to go one better – by launching not only a pair of trousers, but an entire range. And we don’t know where to look.

Not content with just launching trousers, PLT has released a transparent bralet, mini skirt and jacket – so you can flash your undies if you so feel like it.

The range, which is available in both plus and petite sizes, is made from 100% polyester – sweating and squeaking 100% guaranteed.

It’d be far cheaper to buy a roll of clingfilm and wrap yourself up, as one Twitter user pointed out. Pick 250m of the stuff up from Asda for £3.80 and you can dress you and all your friends for a fraction of the price.

“Get ready to steal all the stares,” the site reads, adding: “Dare to bare.” We’re not sure any amount of clever marketing spiel is going to make these sell, PLT.

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