Family Throw Surprise 'Pride' Party For Daughter, After She Came Out As Gay


Coming out to friends and family is perhaps the most daunting conversation a young member of the LGBT community has to face.

But when 17-year-old Kinsey Ratzman told her parents she was gay, they reacted in the sweetest way ever by throwing her a surprise party to celebrate.

“My family threw me a surprise pride party because I came out to all of them,” she tweeted.

Her family pretended they wanted to throw an early Independence Day party, but when Ratzman arrived, the rainbow-themed cutlery and cake made it clear that this party was all about her, instead.

Ratzman, who lives in New Jersey, was even more touched because her family had made a vegan-friendly menu.

“And my family made all vegan food bc I’m vegan omg they’re so sweet (none of them are vegan except my brother),” she tweeted.

“My aunt baked a vegan gay cake!”

Writing on Instagram at the time, she said: “A year ago today I found out that I’d be able to marry the love of my life in my own country... I was a very happy pup. #lovewins.”