26/08/2016 16:53 BST

Primark Ankle Boots: The Autumn 2016 Collection Is Here To Update Your Wardrobe

Because a little rain needn't mean summer skirts are over.

Primark’s Autumn 2016 collection has hit shops and we know what we’re going to be buying first: the ankle boots.

Coat, £30, dress, £18, and boots £18.

British heatwaves are always so fleeting you’re lucky if you can wear your summer dresses and skirts on more than one occasion, which is why the ankle boot is such a style saviour.

Top, £6, skirt, £10, bag, £7, and boots £12.

With a couple of pairs stashed away in your wardrobe you can eke out a few more wears from your summer wardrobe before it is banished under the bed for another year.

Coat, £30, jumper, £14, jeans, £13, boots, £15, hat £2.

So while we’re not ready to put away our sandals just yet, we’re going to be stocking up on the heels and flats from Primark’s new collection to keep our toes warm.

Jacket, £16, top, £10, skirt, £8, and boots £10.

Click through the gallery below to see the collection.

Photo gallery Primark Ankle Boots 2016/17 See Gallery