Primark Festival Clothing To Pack This Summer

All the sheer lace, fringing and band tees you can dream of.

Festival season is almost upon us in the UK - and with all the celeb style on show at Coachella, it's safe to say we're pretty excited.

But with festival fashion comes a conundrum - do you really want to splash your cash on an epic star-worthy wardrobe when it's just going to get covered in mud and/or potential cups of flying urine?

Probably not, but luckily that's where Primark comes in. The British high street fave are on hand as always to offer the latest trends on a shoestring budget.


Perma-chic black seems to be the colour of choice for Primark this season and there's a whole array of mix-and-match basics in the shade to choose from.

Sexy sheer fabrics play a starring role - think lace, mesh and crochet styles - as does boho fringing on faux-suede waistcoats, bags and handy coin purse belts.

The classic band tee also makes a main-stage appearance and summer shorts have been given an on-trend makeover, with printed and lace-trimmed styles on sale right now.

Check out our top festival picks from Primark's range below:

Crochet Halter Top, £8

Primark Festival Clothing 2016

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