Prince Louis Arrived At The Coronation Giving Serious Skywalker Vibes

We love this era for him.
Prince Louis arrives at his grandfather's coronation.
ITV News
Prince Louis arrives at his grandfather's coronation.

When Prince Louis arrived at the coronation on Saturday, it was immediately clear that this was a child who had been briefed to be serious.

The youngest of Prince William and Princess Kate’s brood, who turned five recently, was spotted waving from a car arriving at King Charles’s coronation at Westminster Abbey, London.

And we couldn’t help but chuckle at his very serious expression, which was giving serious Skywalker vibes.

The youngster managed a wave and even the slightest hints of a smile as he arrived for the official coronation ceremony.

Understandably everyone on social media was very excited to catch a first glimpse of the prince, who has a history of pulling fantastic – not to mention incredibly entertaining – facial expressions at past royal events.

Spectators were waiting in the wings for him to cause chaos.

According to The Telegraph, the youngster was not expected to sit through the two-hour service and was whisked away to relax behind the scenes, before being reunited with his parents afterwards to join the procession out of Westminster Abbey.