'Princess Beatrice Cut Ed Sheeran's Face With Sword While Attempting To Knight James Blunt' Is Headline Of The Year

Worthy of 'The Day Today'.

So 2016 is almost over and despite a year of major political upheaval there may be a late entry for story of the year.

“Princess Beatrice slices open Ed Sheeran’s face with a sword while attempting to ‘knight’ James Blunt as party prank goes wrong”

The story goes something like this:

The Sun reported Sheeran, 25, went to hospital to have stitches on his cheek after Beatrice, 28, accidentally swung the ceremonial blade over her shoulder, not realising that the Thinking Out Loud singer was behind her.

The incident is said to have happened at a party at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, after You’re Beautiful singer Blunt, 42, joked that he would love to be made a Sir.

The newspaper said that while Prince Andrew was away on business, Beatrice’s mother Sarah Ferguson was at the do.

A source was quoted as saying that there were around 20 guests at the party.

”Apparently, James Blunt joked that he would love a knighthood.

”Beatrice jokingly said she could arrange it and fetched a ceremonial sword... James played along with the prank and got down on one knee as he would if he were at Buckingham Palace being honoured by the Queen.

”Beatrice, who was in great form, held the sword above him and said ‘arise Sir James’,... But she must have misjudged the weight or something and, instead of lightly tapping him on the shoulder, she swung it back, not knowing Ed was standing right behind her.

“The blade cut into his face and it was just a few inches from his right eye.”

Sheeran, who has been pictured with the cut and is taking a break from the music industry, apparently returned to the party, which he is said to have attended with his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn, after leaving hospital.

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said that there was no comment. A spokeswoman for Blunt declined to comment. Sheeran’s publicist has been contacted for comment.

This was some of the reaction to the bizarre tale ...

... and there was the inevitable but spot-on comparison to the fictional headlines spawned by 1990s satirical news show, The Day Today.

Here’s a YouTube round-up of all the made-up front pages, including:

‘Lord Mayor’s Pirouette In Fire Chief Wife Decapitation’

‘Drowned Italian Wins Eurovision’

‘Arafat Ablaze in Kerosene Oyster Hell’

‘Fleetwood Mac Buried in Dog Avalanche’

‘Bank of England Recovers from Swollen Chairman Unusualness’

‘Boiled Dog Could do Maths Claims Experimenter’

‘Elastic Song Strangles Hucknall’

‘’Portillo’s Face Felt Like Guts’ Says Girl’

‘Girl Made Of Paint Wins By-Election’

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