Night Tube: 9 Things We Won't Miss About Catching The Last Train

All the panic.

Starting on Friday 19 August, the Central line and Victoria line will be running a 24-hour service on Fridays and Saturdays.

The arrival of the night Tube is something that Londoners have been waiting for since the dawn of time. (At least it feels that way).

Here’s what we won’t miss...

1. At 11 o’clock having to decide whether you’re staying out or going home.

2. Having to leave the party before you’ve even found someone worth going home with.

3. Not being able to get chicken and chips because you’ll miss the train.

4. Having to change trains and the crippling panic that you won’t make the second one.

5. Having every drunk person in a 100-mile radius on your train (at least they’ll be spread out on the night tube).

6. Almost breaking your neck throwing yourself down the escalator in heels.

7. Inevitably missing the train anyway.

8. Having to use the night bus which takes about seven hours.

9. Or double the cost of your night out by getting an Uber.

Make extreme eye contact with everyone in your carriage and smile encouragingly at newcomers

Night Tube Top Tips