29/04/2016 11:19 BST

This Girl Was Body-Shamed And Told To 'Cover Up' Over Her 'Revealing' Prom Dress Choice

A teacher reportedly told her: 'Us big girls gotta cover up'.

A teenage girl was reportedly left crying after being refused entry to her prom for wearing a dress that was "too revealing".

Tiffani Taylor, a mother from Tennessee, took to Facebook to share a photo of her daughter Bronte's friend Amy Steverson in her prom gown, claiming she wasn't allowed into her dance until she put on the vice principal's tuxedo jacket.

"She was told by a teacher repeatedly 'us big girls gotta cover up'," Taylor wrote. "This young girl was shamed for having breasts."

The full Facebook status reads: "This is Bronte's friend, Amy. Last Friday night was her senior prom. She spent time looking for the perfect dress, got her hair done and was meticulous in putting her makeup on. It's an exciting time!

"She proudly had her pictures made, and why wouldn't she? She looks like a princess! Arriving at the prom, she was stopped at the door. She would not be allowed in because her dress was "too revealing".

"After spending some time in the restroom crying, she was told she could go in if she wore the vice principal's tux jacket, which mind you, did not cover her chest. She was told by a teacher repeatedly "Us big girls gotta cover up". This young girl was SHAMED for having breasts.

"Her excitement during this memorable time of her life turned into embarrassment at the hands of adults who are supposed to be leading her. SHAME on YOU, Maryville. I think you look amazing, Amy."

Taylor's post has since been shared over 22,000 times and has received hundreds of comments of support for Amy.

Steverson also shared a photobooth snap from her prom, showing herself wearing the tuxedo jacket mentioned in the post.


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