Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Grieving Death Of His Cat After It Falls From Window

The hair and grooming expert said he was "hurting so bad" after the death of Bug The 2nd.

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness is grieving the loss of his cat after it fell out of the window and died.

The hair and grooming expert said he was “hurting so bad” after the loss of Bug The 2nd.

Posting a photo him with his cat on Instagram, Jonathan issued a “Sensitivity Warning” to fans as he wrote: “At some point last night while I slept my baby Bug fell from an open window and passed away.

“I’m hurting so bad today I can’t put it into words, for anyone else experiencing grief & loss, I’m with you.”

He continued: “I’m sharing this mainly because if you see me around the next few days I won’t be my typical happy self and that’s okay.

“Not sure how I’m going to make this loss mean something more but in the meantime, please make a donation to an animal shelter near you.””

JVN’s Queer Eye co-stars Antoni Porowski and Tan France sent their condolences with messages telling him they loved him.

Jonathan adopted two cats – Liza and Bug The 2nd back in October – after his first cat Bug died.

He is also the owner of another cat, Harry Larry.

Jonathan with the rest of the Queer Eye team
Jonathan with the rest of the Queer Eye team

After losing Bug The 1st, he called it “one of the saddest experiences of my life”, but that his new kittens were “helping my reparative process immensely”.

Jonathan can currently be seen in the fourth series of Queer Eye, which is streaming on Netflix now.

The show was recently renewed for another series, while a special set of episodes filmed in Japan are due to air later this year.


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