01/03/2018 15:25 GMT

Queer Eye's Tom Reveals He And Abby Couldn't Make Their Relationship Work Because Nothing In This World Is Pure Anymore


If you’re currently watching the new series of ‘Queer Eye’ on Netflix (well done, if you are - if you’re not, you should be), you’ll remember a loveable guy called Tom from episode one. 

This is him with the ‘Queer Eye’ guys: 


After he was nominated for the show, he admitted he was hoping to use it to win back ex-wife and love of his life, Abby. 

And after a makeover from the ‘Queer Eye’ lads, it looked like he’d finally got the girl, as they enjoyed a date at a car convention, before he invited her back to his newly-renovated bachelor pad to see its transformation. 

They even shared a kiss and agreed to a second date. 

But we have bad news...

Tom has now confirmed he and Abby have not been able to make it work. 

As he watched his episode “for the 20th time”, he took to Twitter to reveal the sad fate of the relationship: 

“I cry like a baby ever time I watch it,” he said.

“Just to let the world know, Abby and I are no longer together. She will always be the love of my life. I will always love her more than anything!!!!!!!”

People were DEVASTATED:

However, Tom is moving forward with his life...

He later responded to a heartbroken fan, writing: “I’m doing great. I’m still looking for that special lady!!!!!”

Love is officially dead.