Quinoa Vodka Is The New And Completely Middle Class Way To Get Drunk

Worth a shot (or five).

Hipsters and foodies rejoice! There's now a new way to get merry and look 100% cool doing it...

Forget your rooftop cheese and wine parties overlooking that dilapidated factory and instead say hello to quinoa vodka.

Quinoa vodka, heading to a hipster bar near you.
Quinoa vodka, heading to a hipster bar near you.

"A staple in any trendy person’s diet and hipster salad, the humble quinoa has found its way into superfood stardom and lunches everywhere," a Firebox spokesperson said.

"Now you can sample the delicious taste of this magic grain and get merrily incapacitated whilst you’re at it."

The grain is sourced from the Altiplano plateau in the Andean mountains, which stands at over 3000m above sea level.

The vodka itself is the result of a two-year joint research project between French distillers and Andean farmers.

It is available to buy from Firebox for £39.99 and is also stocked in a handful of trendy East London bars and independent stores.

And as if that isn't wonderful enough, it's Fair Trade too, meaning you can drink it without feeling the slightest bit guilty.

Bottom's up.

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