Quinta Brunson Regrets Letting David Blaine Do Magic To Her 'Christian Black Self'

The "Abbott Elementary" star said the "ever-terrifying" Blaine lived up to her fears.

Abbott Elementary” star Quinta Brunson says she doesn’t “mess with magic.” She explained on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday that she wasn’t even allowed to watch “Harry Potter.” (Watch the video below.)

So when magician David Blaine approached her at a Disney event this week to test out a trick, Brunson tried to decline. As she explained to host Jimmy Fallon, her “Christian Black self said no very quickly.”

But Brunson was overruled by an ESPN employee who was with her. And so began the former BuzzFeeder’s odyssey of being freaked out by Blaine for the entire day ― from that first card stunt to Blaine snacking on her wineglass to yet another card trick that Brunson initially thought he botched. He didn’t.

That was enough.

“David, if you’re watching this, don’t play with me,” she warned.


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