QUIZ: Can You Name These 1983 UK Top Ten Artists From Just One Video Frame?

It was a vintage year.

1983 was a great year... for pop, at least, according to tonight’s BBC Four documentary, celebrating all that was special in that era.

In tonight’s show telling the story of how ‘Top of the Pops’ struggled to compete against the mighty, looming machine of MTV and top artists concentrating on making videos rather than bothering to turn up in the studio themselves, one thing comes across clearly - the mood of escapism, reinvention, and the craft of making timeless classics, arguably in an era that has never been matched since.

By way of proof, here are just 16 of the stars who enjoyed best-selling singles that year. It’s a mixed bag, but you might be surprised by how many artists (and songs) you can name from just one frame of their era-defining videos... have a go!

‘Top of the Pops: The Story of 1983’ airs tonight at 9pm on BBC Four.


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