90s Pop Groups: How Many Can You Name From Looking At Just One Member? (QUIZ)

Put your pop knowledge to the test.

Let’s face it, pop fans. It doesn’t matter how much a pop group insist that there’s no lead singer, and that all the members are equal, the chances are one or two are going to stand out from the crowd. And others… are not.

For every Justin Timberlake there’s a Joey Fatone, for every Robbie Williams there’s a Howard Donald, and for every Harry Styles there’s a pre-Cheryl Liam Payne.

But just how many of the pop groups from yesteryear can you still recognise, from just one of their oft-overlooked members?

We’ve taken one person from the bands we were hooked on back in the '90s (alright, a couple from the early 2000s have crept in too), but the question is - can you name which group they’re from..?