Can You Match The Celebrities To Their (Terribly Named) Perfumes? (QUIZ)

There really are a couple of *ahem* stinkers in there.

Let’s face it, it’s not enough for celebrities to just have their photo on television or paparazzi lurking around every corner to keep fans interested anymore. We need clothing lines, we need endorsement deals… and above all, we need perfumes.

Yes, practically anyone who’s anyone has a perfume in their name now (and, frankly, even a few people who aren’t anyone have even blagged it), allowing fans to smell just like their heroes. Sometimes, a celebrity can get it right, like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, and have a whole perfume empire in addition to their main career.

Aaaaand sometimes, they can get it so very wrong, even right down to the name of their product.

We’ve picked 12 of our favourite dodgy perfume names - but can you tell which celebrity is responsible for them…?

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