My Pride Anthems: Dr Ranj Singh

The This Morning doctor's playlist includes a Strictly Come Dancing gem and a "reminder of why Pride is so important".

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything, and that includes how we’re all celebrating Pride in 2020.

With huge public gatherings out of the question, we’re asking a range of LGBTQ celebrities and allies for their personal Pride anthems, to help us all get into the Pride spirit from lockdown.

The latest star to take us on a musical trip down memory lane is Dr Ranj Singh.

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Best known as the expert on all things medical on This Morning, Dr Ranj showed off a different skillset altogether in 2018, when he competed on Strictly Come Dancing.

In the latest instalment in our My Pride Anthems series, he reveals the song that takes him back to his very first Pride, and shares a poignant memory from his time on Strictly...

Calvin Harris and Rihanna – This Is What You Came For

“The reason I picked this song is because I remember it being played at my very first Pride, and it was amazing. I was in the parade on the ITV Pride bus, and I remember the exact moment, I was standing next to the comedian David Morgan, and we were all waving at the Tesco float that was just over from us, and their float played this song, and we just went absolutely crazy, just having such a great time.

“And that song reminds me of Pride every single time I hear it. And the lyrics kind of fit in, don’t they? ‘This is what you came for’, and it absolutely was.”

Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers

“You can’t do Pride without Kylie. I’m a massive Kylie fan, and I remember not long after I came out, I was dating a guy and he was working with Kylie – he was a hair and makeup artist – and I got to go know Kylie a little bit through him. And I got to hear this song before it had even been released!

“What a tune, what a Pride anthem. This song reminds me of Pride, reminds me of Kylie and it reminds me of that first love. It’s got a very special place in my heart.”

Pussycat Dolls – React

“There are certain pieces of music from around the time I came out that I think are important and influential on me, and I remember listening to a lot of Pussycat Dolls at that time. So I’m a massive Pussycat Dolls fan. And Ashley [Roberts] has actually become a mate, because of Strictly Come Dancing, and I adore her, and I adore the girls.

“I actually went to see them at G-A-Y recently, and they played React and everyone went absolutely mental. It was bonkers, and they look incredible – they look exactly like they used to, they dance and sing exactly as they used to, and their songs just get better and better.

“And React is one of their best songs ever. I’m actually going for a walk with Ashley next week, because we live not too far from each other. I’ll tell her ‘you’re on my Pride playlist!’.”

Whitney Houston – How Will I Know

“I’m a massive fan of divas, and one of the greatest divas of all time has got to be Whitney Houston. This is just one of the most perfect songs ever. And everyone has felt that feeling of ‘how will I know that person fancies me as much as I fancy him or her?’. So it’s got to be that.

“And that song actually reminds me of Janette Manrara, who was my partner on Strictly, who is one of the biggest LGBTQ+ allies I know. We danced to this song on my very first week on the show. It reminds me of that feeling and that crazy new best friend/sister from another mister, who is honestly just as gay as I am.

“How Will I Know just makes me gush, it’s one of Whitney’s best songs, and it’s one that’s guaranteed to get everyone singing and dancing.”

Todrick Hall – Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels

“I’m a massive Todrick Hall fan, and Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels is already a classic, even though it’s relatively recent. And he did a remix for coronavirus [Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrub] recently, didn’t he? I love this song, it’s just such a tune.

“It’s the one that gets everyone stomping up and down the dance floor, everybody in a bar or a club goes crazy when that song comes on. You can guarantee that.”

Billy Porter, Mj Rodriguez and Our Lady J – Home

"I only wanted five songs, because I like nice, round numbers, but I thought ‘hang on’. This is a slow song, actually. It’s not a party anthem, but it reminds me of why Pride is important, and it reminds me of why the community and the LGBTQ+ family is important.

"There’s a moment in Pose where they sing Home, from a musical called The Wiz. And it’s so powerful, and so pertinent to what a lot of people in the community feel – like the community is their new home – because they may not have their own families or be in touch with their own family or their own home.

"Right now, we’re at a time when we’re all feeling a little bit lost because our lives have been turned upside down. And some of us are stuck in places where we can’t be ourselves, even though we may be 'at home', we don’t really feel at home. And I think this song is really powerful. It's kind of like the song you listen to, and sing badly to and cry to, at the end of the night out after you’ve been partying to the other five songs."

We’ll be adding each celebrity’s song choices to our bumper My Pride Anthems playlist each day. Take a listen below:


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