Reading Festival 2017: 27 Thoughts Everyone With A Ticket Is Having Right Now

'Remember the Carling can exchange? Yes, that was a real thing.'

Is Reading Festival a matter of days away? Yes. Does that mean anyone is ready? Absolutely not.

1. Why have I left all of this preparation so late?

2. At least we already know that Don Broco are pretty much guaranteed to play a ‘secret’ set.

3. Queens Of The Stone Age, though… Could this really happen?

4. Fingers crossed.

Joseph Okpako via Getty Images

5. How am I going to get last year’s mud off my boots?

6.There’s not going to be as much mud this year, surely?

7. Either way, it probably won’t be as bad as 2015.

8. OK, so it might actually be quite nice:


9. Will my phone’s ‘low power mode’ actually use low power?

10. I wonder if we’ll see our campsite neighbours from last year?

11. Top tip: We will if we camp in exactly the same spot (again).

12. How much alcohol is enough alcohol?

13. I’m glad I didn’t get the Wednesday entry pass.

PA Archive/PA Images

14. Remember when they did free food for everyone in 2012?

15. That was beaten only by the Carling cold can exchange.

16. Yes young people, that was a real thing.

17. Which filter will make me look my best on Sunday night after three days of no sleep?

18. Lol, none. Nice try.

Geoffrey Swaine/REX/Shutterstock

19. The queues are going to be a nightmare.

20. Loving the 1Xtra and Dance stages, but remembering a simpler time when there were way less clashes.

21. Glass Animals or Major Lazer?

22. I have to see Kurupt FM.

23. I wish I had my own boat:

Geoffrey Swaine/REX/Shutterstock

24. Green camp... or sleep?

25. Which silent disco will have the shortest queue?

26. *whispers* The film tent is a fantastic addition, clubbing is over-rated.

27. And... I just remembered the long drops. 😱


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