15 Terrible Excuses Everyone Uses When They Get Back With Their Ex

This seems like a great idea.

Going through a break-up is never easy - you wondered whether you’re making the right choice and in fact more than half (54%) end up not being able to stay away.

A survey by Match showed that over half of Brits ignored Taylor Swift’s advice and rekindled old flames, with one quarter not telling friends when they end a relationship and 3% breaking up six times or more before the final push.

Given this terrible track record for moving on, here are 15 excuses we tell ourselves (and anyone else who will listen) when we decide to give it another go.

1. They have definitely changed.

A complete personality transformation in the last two weeks.

2. All the old arguments no longer matter.

Things are going to be different this time.

3. They’ve promised they’ll be a better person.

Which we whole-heartedly believe.

4. They’re really good at making you believe they’re sorry.

This does sound pretty convincing.

5. They have a Netflix login and you don’t.

And everyone keeps talking about how good the new series of Gilmore Girls is.

6. You’re never going to get anyone better anyway.

*Plays the smallest violin in the world*

7. Dating new people seems terrifying.

Don’t mention Tinder.

8. How do you even flirt with a stranger?

Last time you were single, people were still using MSN.

9. It’s a lot of hassle to change your relationship status on Facebook.

So much admin.

10. Maybe all their character flaws weren’t actually that bad?

Nobody is perfect.

11. You keep getting drunk and kissing them by mistake.

So we might as well get back together.

12. The sex was great.

And think of all the time you saved not having to do foreplay.

13. This has nothing to do with the fact you’re not getting any elsewhere.


14. They have become way more attractive now you aren’t seeing them in three-day-old underwear.

Life is so cruel.

15. Maybe you just overreacted?

What’s the worst that could happen?