#JaffaGate: 8 Reasons Why A Jaffa Cake Is Definitely A Cake And Not A Biscuit

Don't start.

It is the debate of the twenty-first century: dividing a nation, families and tea time across the land.

Now #JaffaGate has been brought back to the forefront of public consciousness after The Great British Bake Off dared contestants to make a plate of their own Jaffa cakes.

But we’re here to prove that once and for all, the Jaffa is 100% a cake, and not (as some would have you believe) a biscuit...

1. It’s In The Name

Sorry to point out the obvious.

2. If It Was Doubled In Size It Basically Becomes A Cupcake

A digestive would still be a digestive, no matter how large or small.

Shootdiem via Getty Images

3. You Can’t Dip Them In Tea Like A Biscuit

The inhumanity of watching Paul Hollywood dunk a Jaffa cake will haunt us forever. Won’t someone think of the children?

4. Once They’re Open They Go Stale Within 24 Hours

You expect more longevity from biscuits than that.

Shootdiem via Getty Images

5. They’re Made Of Sponge

As in sponge cake. As in cake. As in give up the fight now you biscuit lovers.

6. They Are Legally Defined As Cakes

In 1991 McVities won a tribunal that contested their classification as cakes and tried to make them biscuits. The law has got our back.

philly077 via Getty Images

7. If I pay VAT I’m Damn Well Going To Give Them A Proper Title

I’ve paid for this privilege. They are a cake.

8. They’re On The Great British Bake Off

Mary Berry knows they’re a cake and wishes you’d just stop with all your biscuit crap now everyone.