14 Things Men Secretly Hate About Stag Dos

Strip clubs.

Despite them being a rite of passage, the humble stag do has escalated from a few beers in the pub to a wallet-busting extravaganza involving lap dances and one of the guys getting naked.

But if you were going along with it because you thought everyone else loved it, here’s a comforting fact: a study by the University of Salford has found that many men feel uncomfortable with stag activities but go along with ‘deviant’ behaviour.

These are the 14 things men hate about the stag.

1. Taking months to organise the damn thing.

2. Just wanting to go on a nice weekend of friendly activities, like go-karting or paintballing.

3. But being told that you’re letting the team down.

4. Having to part with all your disposable income for the next three months.

5. Sharing a bunk bed with your best friend’s dad.

6. Constantly worrying someone getting arrested.

7. Or ending up in A&E with a life-changing injury.

8. Wearing a terrible costume out in public for 72 hours and people silently judging you.

8. The mankini.

9. Feeling like you have to ritually humiliate the stag, even though they are your best friend.

10. Having to drink more Jaeger bombs than is ever humanly acceptable.

11. Going to a strip club even though you’ve never previously expressed an interest in one.

12. Seeing someone (who has a wife and children at home) enjoying himself way too much.

13. Just wanting to leave the soul-destruction but not wanting your masculinity to be called into question.

14. The endless levels of shit ‘banter’.

Can we go home now?

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