Recent Celebrity Headlines Prove Equality Has A Long Way To Go

Can’t a woman be witty, clever, strong and sexy too?

Last week saw some pretty disheartening stories hit the headlines with regards to female celebrities. It would appear that despite how powerful the #MeToo campaign has become we do still have a very long way to go and that some feminist opionions are well, quite frankly bonkers.

First off take American actor Jennifer Lawrence who was in London for the press conference of her latest film ‘Red Sparrow’

Oh Jennifer Lawrence how dare you.

How dare you think that you can wear an amazing dress which makes you look every level of hot. And on a cold day too? Tut tut tut.

Obviously no woman has ever chosen fashion over comfort so this dress can’t have been Ms Lawrences choice. Never have I seen scantily clad girls queuing in the freezing cold to get into a nightclub coatless because it would ruin their outfit choice. Women have also never chosen uncomfortable high heeled shoes over sensible flats before have they. Nope. Never.

J-Law reminded me this week why she is one of my absolute favourite famous people when she responded to the criticism of her outfit choice and even assumptions she had been forced to stand in the cold Blighty weather like that while her male counterparts were wrapped up warm and snug.

Jennifers response on Facebook was both fiesty and witty. Pure J-Law:

‘’That Versace dress was fabulous, you think I’m going to cover that gorgeous dress up with a coat and scarf? I was outside for five minutes. I would have stood in the snow for that dress because I love fashion and that was my choice.’’

She also went on to explain that everything she wears is her choice and if she wants to be cold that’s her choice too. Here here!

I think she looked AMAZING. Better than amazing.

Also, if you were going to speculate about any Hollywood actors that you imagine being forced to wear certain outfits against their will you can bet as hell Jennifer Lawrence wouldn’t be one of them.

I was disheartened by this story as it felt that despite how far we have come with feminism and equality women still get criticised for just being themselves. Can’t a woman be witty, clever, strong and sexy too? So what if now and then a woman wants to wear a raunchy outfit that draws attention to her. Surely that is her right?

Next up we had Holly Willoughby and friends being papped getting into their cabs home looking worse for wear after partying hard at the Brits. The most undignified situation to be photographed in as a woman EVER and frankly when I saw the pics I was shocked that in 2018 photos like this are still published.

As Holly pointed out in her caption when she shared the photos on her Instagram account; they had held white roses at the beginning of the night to support the #TimesUp campaign and at the end of the night had cameras angled to take photos up their skirts.

Why? Why do we need to see photos like that? Women like to have a drink and party, get over it. In 2018 we shouldn’t care which female celeb has had too much to drink or smudged her lipstick. It shouldn’t be news.

No male celebrities are ever photographed in this way (I appreciate men don’t wear skirts but you know what I mean).

These photographs overstep the boundaries celebs or not. They know they will have their photo taken at events such as The Brits but should also be able to party and get out of a cab half cut without worrying about a camera lens being shoved into their nethers. They have a right to privacy and to be treated with respect just as much as anyone else.

The one positive thing that came from these photos is how many other celebrities quickly shared it on their own profiles to support Holly’s statement and reaffirm that this behaviour by the paparazzi is unfair, inappropriate and won’t be tolerated.

And while I don’t think the time is up on #TimesUp I do think we have a way to go yet.


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