19/01/2019 09:50 GMT

A £1,000 Meal By Richard Corrigan Is Up For Grabs – If You Can Help Identify This Diner Who Left Without Paying

The Great British Menu star asked his followers to help him track down the man, who racked up a £1,500 bill.

Celebrity chef Richard Corrigan has offered a £1,000 reward for information about a customer who “dined and dashed” at one of his upscale London restaurants.

The restaurateur, 54, posted a picture on social media of a man who he said racked up a £1,500 bill and “finished with a Cuban (then) walked in to the night” after eating at Corrigan’s Mayfair on December 18.

Corrigan, who has won Great British Menu three times, renewed his appeal on Twitter on Friday, saying there was “1000 Corrigan eating pounds” on offer for anyone with information about the man he called “Mr Pimpernel”.

Corrigan, who was awarded his first Michelin star in 1994 when he was head chef of Stephen Bull in Fulham and a second at Lindsay House in Soho in 2007, told The Times: “I was sitting near him at one point and thought there was something odd.

“He was sitting there by himself with a very expensive bottle of wine and there was just something that wasn’t right about it.

“Half an hour later the restaurant’s manager went into the back and told me that the customer had left without paying.”

The diner’s three-course meal included partridge foie gras, truffles and a souffle.