iPhone 7: The 10 Features People Really Wanted To See

A pizza oven.

The iPhone 7 has plenty of new features to entice us to spend our money on it (and moan about).

But were they the features iPhone users really wanted?

Reddit users have been sharing the digital upgrades that they would have liked to see on Apple’s latest device.

Perhaps Tim Cook will consider some of these for the iPhone 8?

Nerida McMurray Photography via Getty Images

Perhaps Tim Cook will consider some of these for the iPhone 8?

1. ‘Too Many Tequilas’ Drunk Mode

2. Picture Lock To Guard Against Nosey People

“A ‘picture lock’ option, so you can show someone a photo without them being able to instinctively start flipping through your camera roll.”

Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

3. Quickfire Camera

“Quick pic. Tap the home button 5 times fast and it takes 10 pictures immediately. For all the ‘SHIT SHIT SHIT LOOK AT HIM HE IS SO CUTE’ moments that you always fucking miss.”

4. To Ditch iTunes

5. Separate Batteries

“Two batteries, both individually chargeable, or a longer battery life.”

6. Non-Wireless Headphones (Yep, Still Pushing This One)

“I think AirPods would have been better received if they had a way of securing them to your self like a cord...I can see someone cycling along and one dropping out to immediately be stepped on, crushed by a car etc.”

PeopleImages.com via Getty Images

7. Scheduled Text Messages

“Type out a text message. Select a recipient(s). Select what time and on what date the message will send.”

8. A Way To Get Rid Of Stock Apps

“A feature to delete the apps that some people really don’t need.”

9. Facetime For People With More Friends

“A three way Facetime would be really useful for me.”

10. Pizza Oven

“A wood-fired pizza oven would be handy.”