Drowned Your Phone? This Gadget Could Resurrect It

It boasts an 84% success rate.

We’ve all experienced the sinking feeling that comes with watching a pricey smartphone fall into a pond, toilet or swimming pool.

It’s usually swiftly followed by a series of highly questionable attempts to revive the device: from dry rice and hair dryers to microwaves and ovens.

Now, there’s a new way to try salvage your phone from its sodden state and it comes courtesy of a lunch box-sized device called Redux.

The tool uses a combination of vacuum pressure and heat to resurrect the phone or tablet, and is available in Verizon stores across the US.

If you’re in need of regular assistance, you can even sign up for a $29.99 (£23.63) membership programme.

A successful recovery costs $90 (£70.92) for a smartphone, in addition to a $10 (£7.88) diagnostic fee. If Redux fails, you just pay the latter charge.

The company claims to have an 84% success rate, removing 100% of moisture in less than an hour, which leaves just one question: when is it coming to Britain?